The List

In 2013 I have moved to Budapest for an adventure.


Single, I was thinking about my life and I wanted to do all things that I didn't do in the past because I said to myself "I can do later, there is time".




my flatmates forced me to write a list of things that I want to do in my life and realize all the points without any excuse because the reason of my success or failure is:


Me, Myself and I.


The Blog

I have created the blog as a diary of my adventures from Budapest to now a days showing to you how I am trying to realize my dreams.


I am writing about love, work, fun, friendship, travel and sex.


All started becasue my flatmates pushed me to write down all my dreams and silly things that I really would like achieve after a broke up.


Without them, without a little bit of courage and passion, I want show to me and to you that all that we really want is possible.




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